What is Oxita Ecosystem?

the Oxita ecosystem is a project recently launched that offers a whole framework of digital finance platforms under one umbrella.
to creating algorithmic trading models.

We built a platform for
The crypto Industry

One of the issues that those still new or unfamiliar with the crypto world face is the numerous websites, accounts, wallets and exchanges that are available and required.

Oxita aims to solve this problem by creating a user friendly ecosystem that provides everything required, all in one place.

Some of the features it consists of is its own metaverse, wallet, exchange platform, launchpad, NFT Marketplace, and OxiTaxi.

What is Crypto?
Oxita Ecosystem

Problems & Solutions

More than $40 million in assets were placed under restraint pending forfeiture, and more than 30
Liberty Reserve exchanger domain names were seized.


Various projects in the digital finance world rise on the crypto horizon; but scarcely visible is a star of digital sky that can contain all the outstanding token functionalities of crypto world in itself. A huge, dispersed existence of token functionalities and platforms causes nuisance for the crypto users.

Consequently, they remain in tense conditions because of the absence of all in one platform in digital world. Crypto users must use numerous platforms, have numerous accounts and memberships, to accomplish their requirements related to NFT Marketplace, defi, wallet, and exchange.



Oxita Finance has brought the concept of holistic financial services under one umbrella for the ease and convenience of their users. Oxita Finance goes deep into the field of crypto research and brings forth a project of decentralized finance.

It has brought anonymity, reliability, transparency, honesty, and security in its wake, all while creating a more user friendly gateway for cryptocurrency users. Its token holders will get connected with the leading crypto assets of the world through its own exchange. The features and functionalities of the token of this project has stunned the crypto gurus around the globe. All the features of Oxita is sure to create a digital revolution in the field of digital finance.



Terms of service are rules by which one must agree to abide in order to use a service.
Terms of service can also be merely a disclaimer, especially regarding the use of websites.


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Oxita token is the native token of Oxita Finance, which is the representation of an ecosystem where the best financial services will be offered through digital assets. Oxita is an umbrella that will give shelter its holders from the heat of loss and they will also never get wet due to its width of use cases.

Oxita is not developing a present digital system with new wording (What does this mean?) but it will develop a new digital system of finance with old digital terms. It has combined the best use cases of cryptocurrency and has successfully established a new project of digital finance.

Oxita is here to stay, hold, and outperform other digital currencies because of its combination of outstanding facilities.

Pre-Sale & Values

Tokens Sale

The first token sale (also known as an ICO) will be on February 2022.

ICO will start in
  • Pre-Sale
  • Soft Cap
  • Bonus
  • |
  • |
  • |
65% target raised
1 ETH = $1000 = 3177.38 CIC
Purchase Token Purchase Freeze Token

We have successfully reached the soft cap! Join now and get a higher discount.
Get your tokens for the best price.

  • Public 1st Pre-Sale January - 0.015 usd
  • Public 2nd Pre-Sale February - 0.020 usd
  • Public 3rd Pre-Sale March - 0.025 usd
  • Public 4rd Pre-Sale April - 0.030 usd
  • Public 5rd Pre-Sale May - 0.040 usd
  • Public 6rd Pre-Sale June - 0.050 usd
  • Acceptable currencies USDT
  • Minimal transaction amount 105 USDT
  • Number of tokens for sale 1 Billion OXI (15%)
MetaVerse of Oxita

Oxita Verse

Oxita is a remarkable ecosystem consisting of its wallet, exchange, launchpad, NFT Marketplace, and lab…. all under one umbrella!
In addition, Oxita is beginning to launch itself as a competition in Metaverse.

MetaVerse of Oxita

The concept of Oxita in the Metaverse is of a virtual society with a digital environment that will imitate the real world in an altogether new setting.

The virtual real estate business is booming in the Metaverse, with a plot sold at a whopping $2.43 million. Experts believe that the young generation is more likely to show interest in outdoor events, shopping, and other everyday activities in the virtual world. It is essential to mention that there are multiple virtual platforms where user-generated digital lands can be brought or sold; one such virtual platform is OXITA!

The Oxita plans to create; Dubai city, Paris, London, Tokyo, New York on Metaverse, which will be used for purchase, sale, and staking the virtual plots of digital land. The Oxita will also allow its token holders to enjoy the metaverse experiences through games and earn tokens as rewards.

mobile-app mobile-app mobile-app mobile-app
NFT Platform of Oxita

Oxita NFT

NFT is an abbreviation for “non fungible token,” which is a unique digital asset that represents the ownership of the real world items like art, video, picture, and music.
NFT is a unique, one-of-a-kind digital item. The NFT lovers mint their art pieces on the NFT Marketplaces while the buyers come and buy the real world items according to their choices and requirements.

mobile-app mobile-app mobile-app mobile-app


Oxita will launch its own project of NFTs Marketplace that will be available on BSC from July 15, and its codes will be available and open on GitHub. We will also add a buy back/burn function that will depend upon the sum of transaction fee. The NFTs Marketplace of Oxita will allow all the unique items of real life to be minted on its platform. Following are those real life items that will warmly be welcomed on OxitaNFT



This is a list of cryptocurrencies. The number of cryptocurrencies available over
the internet as of 7 January 2018 is over 1384 and growing.

November 2021
exchange launching
January 2022
Oxita smart
wallet launching
May 2022
Oxita online
store launching
Live Now
August 2022
Beta version of
Oxita Verse
September 2022
payment gateway launching
December 2022
March 2023
May 2023
June 2023
NFT Platform
About Walllet

Smart wallet of Oxita

We will launch our own wallet with outstanding features and functionalities.
at a rate which is defined when the system is created and which is publicly known.

Coin Image

Oxita Wallet

All the features of our wallet will be easy, ready, fast, and instant. We will not annex any complexity with our wallet. Here, the account creation, log in process, and crypto utilization are of easy nature but with strong security. We will also add the biometric security function on our wallet. In regard to its function, use cases, security, and transparency, Meliwallet will be one of the most commonly used wallets in the market of cryptocurrency

  • Easy & Fast
  • Biometric Security
  • Non-custodial Wallet
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Token Stats

Token Distribution

The maximum supply of Oxita Token is capped at 10,000,000,000 (10 billions) tokens.
No new Oxita Tokens will be produced after the entire supply is circulated.


The Oxita token will be created with a lock mechanism. The tokens you buy through the Oxita Platform will be unlocked 180 days after you buy them.

The sooner you invest in projects, the sooner your tokens will be unlocked.

Symbol: OXITA

Initial Value: 1 OXITA = 0.015 USDT

Type: TRC20

  • Community Sale (15%)
  • Ecosystem Development (40%)
  • Development Team (10%)
  • Marketing Team (6%)
  • Backers (9%)
  • Marketing (20%)


A cryptocurrency (or crypto currency) is a digital asset designed to work as a medium
of exchange that uses cryptography to secure its transactions.


Creative and
Dedicated People


Years of combined experience


Years of blockchain experience

Mahsa Ehtemam
Doruk Kurt
Meryl Gely
Marketing Manager of Europe & America
Iman Das
Marketing Manager of East & Middle East
Jason Miller
Marketing manager
Scarlett Smith
Marketing manager
Amelia Wilson
Abigail Moore
Taylor Robinson
Project Manager
Mathias Mihael
Finance Manager


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